I love making short travel documentary films.

Documentary films. Video Travel Guide. 8K Super UHD

I traveled across the US and all over the globe. My Rights-Managed video are used by leading Mass Media, like CNN. My travel documentary films serve as proffesional video content. 

Our 8K videos are artistic, attractive, and high-tech stock videos. 

8K Super UHD video. Demos for TV

They are being used to demonstrate the features of the most modern 8K TVs on exhibition, such as IFO, CES, and in TV stores globally. 
They can be used in advertising, for video walls in offices, and as background videos. ​

I am the producer, author of the narratives, creator of documentary films, 8K videographer. I also write technical articles about the creation of 8K Super UHD videos.
A year ago I had a dream of showcasing Thai Temples all over the world as a means of social advertisement. I began with a simple idea. Today my videos of Thai Temples are used as a demo video for 8K TV on exhibition, as well as Thai Temples are shown in reportages from those exhibitions. They are expected to be shown in TV stores world-wide. The projected audience-reach is more than 1 billion people. This is why, you could say I am not a bad beginner in advertisement :-) 
Our studio, ThisNight, produces astonishing video content.  

Documentary Film 8K Super UHD video

My Highlights

Documentary Film: "Introduction Of Boston"

May 2020

Documentary Film: "Historical Parks of Thailand"

Jan 2019

8K videos Demo for TV "Chicago"

Dec 2018

Travel Guide video “Top 17 Free Attractions in New York

Oct 2018

8K videos Demo for TV "Creative New York"

Sep 2018

Contract with Samsung: use of “Thai Historical Parks” video in exhibitions and TV stores globally

Aug 2018

May 2018

8K videos Demo for TV - "Thai Historical Parks"

Jan 2018

I have seen Thai Temples and wanted to show this all over the world

Nov 2017

These are not photos, these are just snapshots of my videos :-)