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8K STOCK VIDEO. Historical Park of Thailand

Format 8K video allows to see all the beauty of preserved ancient Thai temples in the biggest detail. The use of smooth Hyper Lapses immerses the viewers into the scene. 


Our 8K video are artistic, attractive and high-tech stock video. This video is currently being used for demonstration of features of the most modern 8K TVs on exhibitions, such as IFO, CES, and in stores globally.

8K Super UHD video, 7680×4320. Shoot 14 stop, RAW shoot
Mastered to:  TIF 16bit, Apple ProRes 4444 12 bit 
License: Rights-managed. 
For license contact us nataliya8k@gmail.com

Offer for Ad Agencies & Marketing Companies:

We are a video production team, including the production of 8K videos. We can shoot separate video clips for you and 8K films for your clients. Cooperating with us will let your agency to offer a new additional services of creating image brand advertising video in 8K already now.