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Offer for Departures from Nataliya Denisyuk

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Let us offer you our solution for improving the site of Departures. Sorry - the text is long. But we hope that our proposal will be revolutionary for Departures magazine so that it will not only improve the Departures website, not only increase your audience, not only create new channels for advertising, not only give a huge advantage over competitors, but you could even say it will give a new life to Departures brand.



Now print media are being supplanted by electronic ones. Departures site - although made in a highly professional manner, is still a copy of the paper, it does not provide the reader with anything radically new compared to the magazine and is lost among many other websites. The website can not be called Luxury (well, you can not print the website on glossy paper... or is it still possible?).


To solve problems - creating of luxuriousness and sophistication of the website, creating a new way of interaction with the reader, and developing both the website and the magazine and the brand Departures, we offer the following solution:

(we create unique videos, in the course of the narration you will learn more about them. And one more note - first we will describe what we offer to do, and only then will the goals and achievements that Departures will receive be explained)

What exactly do we propose to do

In Site Departures / CITY GUIDE section / article about the CITY / INTRODUCTION section, place our video with the story about this city.

An example of an exemplary video for Departures, we will make a more detailed story, but not a long one, only 2-3 minutes in real time.

Another example of how this video should be shot (but in example a cheap 4K camera was used. For Departures we offer using a camera, like Red HELIUM 8K)


We highly recommend using the 8K HDR format as the most luxury video format for today. 8K HDR video when viewed on 8K TV has a better and more attractive image than that of cinema and is comparable only with IMAX film (but will be better than IMAX laser and IMAX digital) and the cover of a glossy luxury magazine.


This video should not be a standard documentary! It should simply show the city and be accompanied by an informational story. Color correction and composition should not be in the style of videos! But in the style of high-quality glossy photos.


Example of image and color correction (but, youtube low quality...)

And in no case should this be like a standard documentary, nor have an interview or video blog style - you just need a calm informative story with a video in a photo style.


Such a short film will give a greater interactivity to the site, and will make it easier for the reader to view the information and will make the website technologically modern.

Further on the page (although they can be combined with the first one), videos follow - about 3-5 hotels, 3-5 restaurants, shops - if they pay for it, like for advertising :-). Here, of course, interviews are acceptable, but it would be better in the form of a tour of the hotel, or a short story about a restaurant. Or a minute video, like ‘Things to do’


And at the end, we would advise you to do a 1-2 minute video “slideshow” - views of the city, views of streets, sign places. So that the reader can calmly perceive the atmosphere of the city and admire. Without voice over, only quiet music and video (+ maybe the sound of the street from the shooting).


Shooting examples street atmosphere iconic places


Combining the above videos, we get 10-20cities 8K films about cities that will be used on (website and:)

  • Promotion on youtube (Unfortunately, YouTube only offers ordinary quality)

  • As an addition to the magazine for subscribers, you could do what Samsung does. For example, now as gifts to customers of 8K TVs, Samsung Korea creates 10 films about cities around the world, as a gift for customers of 8K TVs. It would be a good idea for Departures to make films before mass sales in the USA start!) Quality - high tech 4K / 8K HDR.

  • Free to distribute-license (for use in business loggias, offices, home users) Quality - high tech 4K / 8K HDR

4K / 8K HDR is the most elite video now. And it is exactly 4K / 8K HDR video that matches the quality of your glossy magazine, perceived as content for your favorites. (the higher cost of content is partially compensated by the fact that, in the case of video, there is no need to pay for printing, and the display device is bought by the reader. + our video will be used by the website for 10+ years).


It is also possible to create special video articles in other sections of the website, videos for illustrating text articles and creating a video library for use as illustrations.


What are the benefits of Departures?

  • The website will receive new unique content that is distinctive-digital, not paper.

  • The website will get user-friendly content for the reader.

  • Departures will get video especially made for you, i.e. in the style of Departures, unique 8K videos and in beauty and in detail exceeding even the cover of glossy magazines.

  • Our proposal will create new places for advertising (such as commercial ads in video, like video advertising in articles), increase interest in placing ordinary advertising on the website, + advertising though 8K-YouTube, advertising in homes, offices, business centers!

  • Receive new mass readers from YouTube (optional)

  • The magazine and the sponsor of the magazine will get into the homes of new elite readers, buyers of expensive equipment (which is unattainable through any other means of advertising)

  • Departures logo, the American Express Platinum and other Departures sponsors will be able to get into offices and business lounges in the form of business video backgrounds (which is unattainable for any other advertising methods)              :-) 1,000,000,000 (One Billion) is the audience-reach of my images of Thai temples! See more at - “About Nataliya”

  • A new way of interactivity, together with a unique video, high tech video format, will give and Departures magazine clear advantages over competitors and will remain for decades to come.

  • Well, the website will just become more beautiful, more refined, friendlier.



Why our team

  • At least because it was us, who invented this idea, and therefore, unlike other teams, we understand its essence - we will do exactly what Departures requires.

  • We create the most attractive videos, we are able to shoot the most iconic places, and make color correction in the style of photography, we use complex camera movement, and many other techniques. We made a video for the presentation of the 8K HDR Q900 Samsung and we are already making a video that meets the most stringent technical requirements of 8K and corresponds to how luxury TV manufacturers see how the best image should look like (present their TVs).

  • We have a huge experience of shooting travel videos (more than 10,000 stock videos from all over the world, documentary videos, a demo for TV, videowall, projectors exactly in the style required for Departures).

  • We have a video demo in the style of Departures, so you can be sure that we will cope with this task.

  • Well, our team is more affordable in comparison to other teams in the case of professional videos. At the same time, we have the highest quality. Our team consists of two people. Yes, the cost of equipment is about the same as for a large team (although we prefer to work with an ascetic set of equipment, which simplifies and speeds up the shooting). Unlike a large team, the cost of travel for one or two people is lower than for a large film crew, and the cost of the process from preparation to post production is cheaper than paying a large number of employees. We can do all the steps of creating the video ourselves - from the idea, planning, shooting to all the stages of post-production. (Exceptions are visa support, setting targets, and agreeing with hotels and restaurants. It is also possible that we need someone to recheck our texts, correct them, in order to guarantee 100% compliance with your luxury level texts)


(if it is necessary to expand the production more than we can master, we can create a concept and make the first videos, and then teach the authors)


Yes, it requires investment. But this is not even rebranding - this is the creation of another brand - luxury Departures website and unique video advertisement!.


You will get:

  • For the paper magazine, the sre support of the strongest travel of the modern website (now it is the other way around - the website lives only due to the journal’s fame);

  • Your Departures website will be as powerful and luxury as a paper magazine, i.e. you get another brand product, obviously winning over competitors and the money paid for the video will work for you for 10-20 years;

  • You get another way of interaction - through cheaped price of YouTube_8K and through getting into expensive 8K TV at home and as background for lounges and 4K / 8K offices (impossible through any other types of advertising).


In other words, our offer will be holding the rating and recognition of the brand AND of the paper AND a powerful website AND “touching on” the TVs. A new way of interacting with the reader (advertising audience) is being created. Also - the expansion of the audience in the mass segment (YouTube), and through advertising in the most expensive TV in homes, offices, lounges (while the device, unlike the paper you print, the client buys).


  • It also gives new advertising platforms ( by increasing the popularity of the site, and in the new videos themselves on the website, and up to TV)

  • more expensive advertising (now it is just one photo + text, and there will be a minute of video) for hotels, shops, etc.

  • For your sponsor, the opportunity to show their logo - brand advertising on the most modern exclusive means of communication with the client (8K TV) and in the most effective places - in their home and office, on their vacation.


All this adds up to a new stage of development, new ways of media interaction, with new and technically exclusive and creatively exclusive content. If you compare with the prospects of crowding out of the market of paper magazines and the loss of your site to the Internet - our proposal gives a new life to Departures.

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