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Якорь 1

Creator, producer, and screen writter of short documentary films 4K/8K
Videographer into 8K Super UHD HDR video
Researcher of most advanced video format and commercial solutions based on high technologies
Creator of ideas for advertising companies
Stock videographer 

Participation in Projects and Maximum Achievements:
Video for presentation of the first 8K TV. My videos presented Samsung 8K Q900 TV on IFA exhibition. 
Creator of 8K video film for Samsung Korea, which was used as a gift for buyers of 8K TV. 
Creator of Editorial use Rights-ready (Rights-managed) Stock video. Licensed through GettyImages. Used by many mass media. 
Research into the technology of control motion for 8K video, research into the creation of video in Rec 2100 HDR format.
Creation of concept, study of tech solutions to create an actual glossy magazine online (current work) 

My 8K Super UHD videos uses: Samsung Electronics, Samsung Korea and other
My editoral videos uses: NBC Universal Digital CNBC, Bloomberg LP Group, Microsoft Multimedia Publishing, CBS Television Studios, The Economist Newspaper Limited, Time Inc, Dow Jones & Company, Inc, CRTV, China FotoPress, Al Jazeera Media Network, Group Nine Media

​In addition, 
Featuring of videos of Thai temples on exhibition, in reports from the exhibition, and expected demonstration of these images worldwide in Samsung stores make up a projected audience-reach of a billion people. This is why, you could say I am not a bad beginner in advertisement :-)   

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