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Story 5: Best Views of New York City

5 Beautiful Stories of New York

The film shows many of the most fascinating and mesmerizing views of New York City. You can see the skill of our operator in finding meaningful places and characteristic views that really express the beauty of the destination in our video.
The plot of the story begins with an informational segment, shifts to a fictional gushing manner, and ends with a bright ending. These parts together create a dynamic story, allowing you to give the viewer both new information and a mesmerizing view, with our personal approach and our beloved happy ending. 
This is a well-suited travel guide when you need to show the travel destination in the most attractive way. In any city, we will find the most significant, characterizing places and show them in all their beauty.

​Similar videos can also be used for authors’ columns, when you need to give information to reader, but at the same time create a pleasing view or narrative film.


This video is a collection of stock videos, created in different years from our studio ThisNight. Distinctive features of these videos are colorful images, the selection of composition, and the subject of shooting, as well as the overall attractiveness of the picture. 

​​For you, we will make the most beautiful, attractive, technically perfect videos, using the technique of shooting that is appropriate to express your idea.

4K UltraHD video.
Mastered to: Apple ProRes 4444 12 bit.
License: Rights-managed. 
For license contact us

We offer your travel agency to create 2-4 similar travel guides per month.

This will allow you to gain an advantage over other agencies. Show you as a travel destination expert, to get new customers from platforms, like YouTube, and in case of using 8K format - get an image of an innovative company.

Empire State Building
Midtown New York
Sunset from Top of The Rock
Night Midtown Manhattan
Top of The Rock. Night
Manhattan Financial District
Manhattan Business Downtown
Grand Sunset. Brooklyn Bridge
Sunset Manhattan Downtown
Night. Brooklyn Bridge. Manhattan
42nd Street
Sunset 42nd Street. Manhattanhenge
Grand Central Terminal
Chrysler Building
Manhattan Theater District
Manhattan Theater District
Manhattan Theater District
Manhattan Midtown from New Jersey
Manhattan Midtown from New Jersey
Manhattan Midtown from Queens
Manhattan Midtown from Queens. Pier
Manhattan Midtown from Queens
Central Park
Central Park
Central Park
Central Park
Times Square
Times Square
Times Square
Madison Square. Flatiron Building
New York street
Columbus Circle
Sunset Manhattan Bridge
Empire State Building
Park Avenue
Freedom Tower
Fairy tale Manhattan
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