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Story 1: Times Square

5 Beautiful Stories of New York. 

Documentary Film.

This video article is made in a fictional tale style. This film is a mellow story about a major tourist destination: Times Square. Many stories have already been told about Times Square; however, our nice story is a view from another side with a personal approach and an unexpected finale. 

These stories will suit mass media well as weekly authors’ video columns. These columns will let your website have another (video) side to attract the attention of readers, a more personal approach, and your company would have more exposure on YouTube. 


The film starts with a Hyper Lapse to create the sense of bustle of this place (for other plots, we prefer real time or other suitable technology). Later, the narration gets emotionally enhanced by the use of music. Poeticism in the narration is emphasized by the use of allegories and anecdotes. We show the benifits of this place to viewers (the shops, the Theater District, grand views, famous places, emotions, a place to relax), all while having an author's approach. We change our shooting technique to real time when narration turns to a poetic tone. The story ends with a grand culmination. 

If you consider this video from an authors’ column point of view, then one could say, this story is a new kind of art, where the story is intertwined in video and audio.

4K UltraHD video.
Mastered to: Apple ProRes 4444 12 bit.
For license contact us

Times Square. Grand view
Forever 21. Shopping mall
Disney. Store
Skyscapers. Times Square
Times Square
George M Cohan
Times Square
Gifts Shop
American Flag. Yellow Taxi.
Old Navy Shopping Mall
Times Square
American Flag. NYPD
Grand Time Square.
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