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Story 2: A Walk Down 42nd Street

5 Beautiful Stories of New York. 

Step-to-step travel guide.

This episode of documentary films is showing the most major street in New York City. The journey starts with First Avenue. It walks the viewers through the famous places: Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal, New York Public Library, Broadway, Theater District, Times Square, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It ends with the Residential District near The Hudson River. 

Films like this are virtual tours. This is one of the ways for a Travel Agency to attractively show a Travel Destination. Furthermore, these films can also be just a beautiful story for your mass media, a film about you, or a video for YouTube. 


We used different styles of shooting to create this beautiful image and immerse the viewers into the scene: static camera, Hyper Lapse, gimbal, zoom out, camera dolly (rail system), and camera panning. 

The narration is built on the principle of guide, gives sufficient information about a place, contains a little irony, and, how we often like, ends on a positive note. 

4K UltraHD video.
Mastered to: Apple ProRes 4444 12 bit.
License: Rights-managed. 
For license contact us

We offer your travel agency to create 2-4 similar travel guides per month.

This will allow you to gain an advantage over other agencies. Show you as a travel destination expert, to get new customers from platforms, like YouTube, and in case of using 8K format - get an image of an innovative company.

Classic View of 42 street
Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal. Hyatt Hotel.
New York Public Library
New York Public Library
Bryant Park
Empire State Building
Time Square
Subway 42nd street
Regal Cinemas
Hard Rock Cafe
Aladdin Broadway
Believe It or Not!
42nd street scenic
Residential Building
Residential Building
Spring 42nd Street
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