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Story 3: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

5 Beautiful Stories of New York

The film tells about the most famous museum in the US, and one of the most popular museums in the world: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
This film has an encyclopedic style. It is well suited if a clear, understandable, non-lyrical narration is needed. 

This film style is suitable for an informational article. Also, this style fits for video when it's necessary to quickly create a film such as a formal Video Travel Guide


The MET asks to refrain from taking videos. We decided to take advantage of this to show the possibility of non-trivial use of photos for video. As well, the frozen state of the image shows well the incorruption of art over time. 

While producing this video, we created panoramas (by putting together photos from several shorts), and used a virtual camera to give life to a photo. At your request, we can also remove people from the shot in crowded places, so that there would be a feeling of professional shooting in an empty room, or take a professional photo in the condition of the existing lighting without additional lighting equipment. It is also possible to create animation or 3D modeling, if narration requires this.

4K UltraHD video.
Mastered to: Apple ProRes 4444 12 bit.
License: Rights-managed. 
For license contact us

We offer your travel agency to create 2-4 similar travel guides per month.

This will allow you to gain an advantage over other agencies. Show you as a travel destination expert, to get new customers from platforms, like YouTube, and in case of using 8K format - get an image of an innovative company.

Entrance facade of The Met
European sculpture court
Classical antiquity
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sculptures from nearly all the E
Ancient Egypt
King room
Greek and Roman art
European sculpture court
European paintings at the museum
African, Asian, Oceanian
Byzantine, and Islamic art
Medieval Europe
Medieval Europe
Medieval Europe
Medieval Europe
The Cantor Roof Garden Bar
The Great Hall
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