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Documentary Films

My specialty is creating professional video content for websites. My films are not a video blog, not a compilation of stock videos with music and subtitles. My short films are high-quality magazine video articles. 

In this Luxury City Guide, your readers would receive a pleasurable virtual journey into the city of their dreams. 

Travel Guide "Introduction of Boston" serves as a demo for a Magazine Video Article. 
I offer to make short documentary films for your magazine in the style of films can be a City Guide, "Things To Do", magazine video articles about restaurants, hotels, interesting spots, news and reportage of the events. 


Introduction Of Boston

This video is an example of a video article about an event, news, a museum or a club. 

This story contains useful information for tourists, wherein this is a beautiful story, filled with interesting facts, our personal attitude, and the author's narration.



A journey into the ancient cities of Thailand, an attractive story about hidden gems Thailand has to offer.

This film was made as a first 8K film. Videos from this film was used by Samsung while presenting the world's first 8K TV Samsung Q900 on IFA exhibition at Berlin. We were involved in creation of films that served as a gift to buyers of 8K TVs in Korea.

Adding 8K HDR video to your site will turn your website into a digital luxury glossy magazine for affluent customer on his 8K HDR TV


This video article is made in a fictional tale style. This film is a mellow story about a major tourist destination: Times Square. Many stories have already been told about Times Square; however, our nice story is a view from another side with a personal approach and an unexpected finale. 

These stories will suit mass media well as weekly authors’ video columns. These columns will let your website have another (video) side to attract the attention of readers, a more personal approach, and your company would have more exposure on YouTube. 


Step-to-step travel guide.

This episode of documentary films is showing the most major street in New York City.

Films like this are virtual tours. This is one of the ways for a Travel Agency to attractively show a Travel Destination. Furthermore, these films can also be just a beautiful story for your mass media, a film about you, or a video for YouTube. 


The film tells about the most famous museum in the US, and one of the most popular museums in the world: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
This film has an encyclopedic style. It is well suited if a clear, understandable, non-lyrical narration is needed. 

This film style is suitable for an informational article. Also, this style fits for video when it's necessary to quickly create a film such as a formal Video Travel Guide


The film shows many of the most fascinating and mesmerizing views of New York City. You can see the skill of our operator in finding meaningful places and characteristic views that really express the beauty of the destination in our video.

This is a well-suited travel guide when you need to show the travel destination in the most attractive way. In any city, we will find the most significant, characterizing places and show them in all their beauty.

​Similar videos can also be used for authors’ columns, when you need to give information to reader, but at the same time create a pleasing view or narrative film.


Video Travel Guide in 8K Super UHD.

This film shows attractive views of New York.

The primary purpose of these movies is to provide some information about a Travel Destination, which can be used by a Travel Agency. At the same time, these videos can also be used as background video for businesses.

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