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8K Super UHD Stock Footage

I made 8K video as a part of ThisNight Studio. On this page only my videos are presented. All our stock videos you can find on our studio's website ThisNight.

These videos, in its first place, are intended to demonstrate the features of newest TVs. 

They can be used in advertising, for video walls in offices, and as background videos. ​


Our videos are used on exhibitions CES, IFO, TV stores all over the globe. 

We use the technology of Time Lapse, Hyper Lapse, motion-control to create an attractive image. 


Tropical beach in 8K Super UHD. Real time.


Chicago is a commerce, industry, and transportation center. These videos can be used as business background. 


​​This high-quality Smooth Hyperlapse video differs from static timelapses by the sophisticated moving of camera which creates an effect of dimensionality and immersion in the scene, attracting viewer's attention. Unlike hyperlapses, Smooth Hyperlapse video allows the buyer to see the quality of the image of your TV.​


A distinguished characteristic of this video is an extreme creative color correction, used to display all the beauty of New York City. 


Format 8K video allows to see all the beauty of preserved ancient Thai temples in the biggest detail. The use of smooth Hyper Lapses immerses the viewers into the scene. 


Our 8K video are artistic, attractive and high-tech stock video. 
This video is currently being used for demonstration of features of the most modern 8K TVs on exhibitions, such as IFO, CES, and in stores globally.

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