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Historical Parks of Thailand

Documentary film in 8K Super UHD.


A journey into the ancient cities of Thailand, an attractive story about hidden gems Thailand has to offer.

This film was made as a first 8K film. Videos from this film was used by Samsung while presenting the world's first 8K TV Samsung Q900 on IFA exhibition at Berlin. We were involved in creation of films that served as a gift to buyers of 8K TVs in Korea.

Adding 8K HDR video to your site will turn your website into a digital luxury glossy magazine for affluent customer on his 8K HDR TV


The film is shot using the technology of Hyper Lapse with motion control. Time Lapse represents how quickly the time flies. Use of a moving camera lets us create a more beautiful video image and create a sense of immersion into the scene. 8K technology allows us to capture the historical Heritage of UNESCO in the greatest detail, analogous to the digitization of paintings (in highest resolution) to capture the history.  

8K Super UHD video, 7680×4320. Shoot 14 stop, RAW shoot

Mastered to:  TIF 16bit, Apple ProRes 4444 12 bit 

License: Rights-managed. 
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