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Luxury 8K video content for websites, as well as brand advertisements, attracting affluent audience.

Adding 8K HDR video to your site will turn your website into a digital luxury glossy magazine.
From the point of view of an affluent customer on his own 8K TV,  our 8K HDR short films will turn your website into a glossy magazine, with the highest image quality and beauty, comparable only with IMAX film and outperform the IMAX laser and IMAX digital, and will outperform the cover of a luxury paper magazine.
If you are a luxury magazine, then your website will be another luxury brand of yours. If you are a travel agency, then you can start an advertising campaign for business travel.

Why our team
Now there is no completed 8K HDR video content. Therefore, even a small number of films will make you a leader in providing digital luxury content. We will make 8K HDR short films for you in a very short time.

Our videos which are used for presentations of new 8K HDR TVs
For Travel Luxury Magazine, we suggest making “Introduction of city” films 
For Travel Agency - 8K Video Travel Guide 
For non-travel magazines, small 8K stories about interesting places or events 
Our short documentary films 


You will get
Unlike other types of advertising, these videos will not require you to pay for placement. They will be distributed through your website and youtube for free. Unlike with glossy magazines, you don’t have to spend money on printing - the client buys the output device. You will be able to conduct other free advertising campaigns - for example, to provide these videos as a gift to TV buyers or as video backgrounds with your logo for offices and business lounges.

Your website will become the first luxury website for the owners of 4K/8K TV - affluent and business audience, you will get the image of an innovative company. And your brand will be advertised to the affluent audience in their offices, business lounges, their homes - which is unattainable when using other types of advertising.

©2019 Nataliya Denisyuk

Image Advertising of your brand via 8K Super
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