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Creating an actual glossy magazine online for an affluent audience

The essence of the task
I’ll start with a trivial statement that, for some reason, the owners of luxury magazines forget: the readership, along with the advertising audience, and, as a result, advertising budgets, are rapidly leaving paper onto the Internet.

On the other hand, all luxury glossy magazines make an online copy of their paper magazines (only photo and text, 8bit per color, i.e. a low-quality image - is this the glossiness? Lack of new digital technologies and Internet-specific solutions). This leads to the fact that luxury glossy magazines simply become ordinary websites, losing their rich audience. In other words, all the glossy luxury magazines could not find the methods to attract an affluent audience in the digital age, methods, which are analogue to glossiness. 

I have analyzed more than 100 glossy luxury magazines from around the world, and I did not find a single magazine site that could be called glossy, and which would have any tangible advantages over ordinary websites. Among these analyzed sites are: Departures ... , magazines published by such monsters of the publishing industry ...

1. Therefore, the solution to the question of “Creating an actual glossy magazine on the Internet for a rich audience” is vital for luxury glossy magazines - so as not to lose the audience, advertising revenues, and as a result, your business.
2. As well, the solution to this problem will also be important for the other mass media, for example, how to create a profitable glossy luxury addition to the magazine.
3. Concluding, it is possible that solving this problem (+ if I find a sponsor) will allow me to make an actual glossy luxury magazine on the Internet, with the possibility of winning a significant share of the advertising market for high-value products.

Theoretical solution
The main problem is the creation of a high-quality (= glossy) image. The task is being complicated by the fact that on the Internet, “printing” is done not by the publisher but by the reader. 99.9% of all output devices (from the internet) only support 8bit per color. (this is exactly why publishers of luxury glossy magazines believe that it is impossible to solve the problem of glossiness on the Internet).

The situation began changing in the last 3 years (2016-2019).
Now, most of the affluent audience have already bought 4K/8K HDR glossy "printing presses" with the support of moving images and sound :-) Therefore, publishers do not have to spend money on printing. Now, their task would only be to create glossy content for wealthy customers, according to the specification glossy 4K/8K TV - videos for website.

A realization of a task of creating a glossy online magazine comes down to creating a website that has 4K / 8K Rec. 2100 HDR video content in its core. This video format is superior in image quality to a glossy magazine. This should not  be just a video, but a specifically thematic video content for the site. Such a site will have a target audience of affluent consumers in the commercial sense a complete analogue of glossy printing on paper, including all the competitive advantages.

The theoretical problem is solved! - a task that today has not been solved by any luxury edition :-) 

A few comments...
1. Paper publishers somewhat fear that using videos is not their field. Well, by and large, the use of websites is also not their field:-) But, in all seriousness, the forced use of videos by a glossy magazine is a natural and brilliant step in moving towards new technologies (prices, I will state below)
2. The brevity of this decision lies in the fact that, in addition to the task of attracting a rich audience, there is also a capture of a mass audience that will consume the same content, only in “compatibility mode”.
3. The special value of this decision is that the glossy magazine receives rebranding, a new direction of development, new advertising platforms on its website, and a new, more profitable type of advertising - video advertising.

The new digital era for glossy magazines ceases to be a headache for its publishers, it ceases to be a gravedigger of paper publications, but, to the contrary, it will provide new opportunities for expanding content, audience, and profit!

Practical implementation for Travel Magazine
The solution to the problem would be incomplete and incomprehensible if I stopped at the stage of “theoretical solution” (ideas). Therefore, I have made a demo to understand the possibility of realization of this task, to show how it should look, and to solve other issues such as estimating the cost of producing such content.

Here is a concept of such videos.

Creating an actual glossy magazine online for an affluent audience

Some comments.
- I made this video about travel luxury magazine. For editions of other subjects, please approximate this onto your topic.
- This video is intended for the travel destination section. Similar shorter videos would be used as articles in the new digital glossy magazine. At the time of this writing, a video article is in preparation.
- The selected aspect ratio is convenient for use on the magazine website, as it allows you to place additional information above and under the video - logo, menu, additional description. Well, and it is just beautiful :-)

Solution for lifestyle magazine
For lifestyle magazines I offer a concept of a video article, consisting from two main blocks. 

The first block is 1-2 minute Interview, in a studio
The second block is the reportage: the shooting from the place of the event (concert, gallery) with a voice over voice and text, written by a professional editor. 

Such a format of an article fully corresponds to the concept of professional magazine video article. This format of an article should be innovative and recognizable for lifestyle magazines. Additionally, it will allow for more expensive video ads in the article.

The result of the work done
I have done the following work:
- a study of the current state of development of websites for glossy luxury magazines. The result is positive - nothing was found :-)
- a theoretical solution to the problem “Creating an actual glossy magazine on the internet for an affluent audience”.
- development of the concept of a video designed specifically for magazine sites, the creation of such a video.

In addition, other tasks were also solved:
- a study of how to reduce the cost of producing video content using the latest technologies. For example, I can produce similar video “Introduction of city” with my team in case of outsourcing production $10,000. And in the case of compromises, the price can be reduced to $5,000. At the same time, the usual price on the market for creating such a video starts from $50,000.
- We recommend creating similar videos in an 8K video format. My team and I made videos for the presentation of the world's first 8K TV - Samsung Q900.

©2019 Nataliya Denisyuk

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