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Articles. 8K Super UltraHD video and

High-Dynamic-Range video format


I’ll start with a trivial statement that, for some reason, the owners of luxury magazines forget: the readership, along with the advertising audience, and, as a result, advertising budgets, are rapidly leaving paper onto the Internet.

On the other hand, all luxury glossy magazines make an online copy of their paper magazines...

Creating an actual glossy magazine online for an affluent audience

Old Articles.

Now 8K TVs are a premium segment. The beauty of the picture is comparable to that of Imax cinema.


We can create for you 8K videos. We offer the creation of 8K films. The technical and attractive side of our videos is so high that it is used to demonstrate the features (and even decorates) the newest 8K TVs.

Image Advertising of your brand via 8K Super

We offer to Broadcast companies, streaming companies, (like Hulu, HBO now, Netflix, Amazon Prime VIdeo) creating documentary film series. 

Our aspiration is to tell about the unique places in the United States. We want to show people the remarkable places and let them see the beauty of the U.S the way we see it. This will be interesting for tourists, but, its first place, it will be interesting for Americans: to see the unique places where they may have not been to before. 

All this, unlike sitcoms, can be made can be made in very short periods of time. And in case of 8K videos: already in 2 months, you can call yourself a first 8K Video Provider. Wherein the cost of production is much less than other series. 

Documentary film series

​​This high-quality Smooth Hyperlapse video differs from static timelapses by the sophisticated moving of camera which creates an effect of dimensionality and immersion in the scene, attracting viewer's attention. Unlike hyperlapses, Smooth Hyperlapse video allows the buyer to see the quality of the image of your TV.​

The opportunity of creating 8K Super Ultra HD and HDR video now. 
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