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Job search at Time Out New York (international).

Photographer, videographer. Now Time Out’s website contains text and photographic material (video section is at a low level of development). My cooperation will allow you to get another side of attractiveness - this is either professional videos that will add onto articles, main sections, tops, catalogs, guidebooks, or video columns, or other complete and ready complex video solutions.



Basic skills and experience

Photographer. 20 years of experience..

- Concert photographer. 2001-2008. Selected works:

- Cityscape photographer. 2009-present. See my videos on my websites.

- Photographer in any style including portraits, food, events, reportage, still-life shots for print and digital, film shooting (fashion after being trained).


Stock videographer 2010-present. Over 10,000 videos.

-Rights-Ready video (Rights Manager Video).

-Rights Free,rr


Creator 8K video 2017-present

Maximum achievement - creating a presentation video for the first 8K TVs - Q900 QLED 8K UHD TV Samsung


Creator of Shot Documentary Video. 2018-present



Full knowledge of technology of photo and video, software, study of new technologies, the ability to easily master any complexity of tasks, for example, my work with 8K video, which required the study and testing of a completely new video format.


Creative, creator of new creative, technical, advertising and business ideas, up to new technologies (the first sale of 8K video in the world :-)), experience in managing a small team.


Creative, creator of new creative, technical, advertising and business ideas, up to new technologies (the first sale of 8K video in the world :-)), experience in managing a small team.

Photography - concert photo - the ability to transfer the atmosphere of the event, high-quality conceptual concert portraits, have own unique style of concert photography. My cityscape style is now on-demand for video stocks. For Time Out, I can either create high-quality photos or create a special style cityscape of photography.


The ability to perform a huge amount of work and the ability to travel a lot, to work in a busy schedule.

For examples, on Time Out, I could either make 50 short documentaries up to 50-70 locations (city) worldwide. Or 300-400 shootings of a photo and video - only shooting, for the further post-production by other employees. This work schedule can be necessary for Time Out to create new project in Time Out with low time.


Video distinctions - see Experience and suggestions (below) :-)


My distinctive feature is the ability to completely solve any task independently from the level of idea generation to the finished product (which does not exclude teamwork, if necessary, team management, work with outsourcing employees.)


The highest level of quality. As proof, both my works, and the requirements of the macrostock, and the strict requirements of the artistic component (attractiveness, creativity, color, composition) to the Samsung presentation video, the quality requirements of this video.


Other skills

The experience of creating a media site on culture and leisure - 1999-2008. (Russian). the creator, management of a team of 5-10 people + freelancers, editor, programmer, photographer, corresponden, author’s column.

Engineer (software, hardware, electronic). Software developer. Physicist. Education Physics Department of Moscow State University.



How can I be useful Time Out.


  • Any work photographer in Time Out.

  • Concert - in case you highly appreciate the level of my concert portfolio, it would be a great honor for me to be a concert and theater photographer at Time Out. I hope I can raise the quality level of these photos to the level of the best magazine photos in the world.

  • Cityscape - I have the skills and great experience. It is possible to make high professional photography for Time Out or even the creation of own corporate style of shooting (composition, color correction), like New Yorker magazine, which uses cartoon drawings.My photos for Time Out New York will make it the Mass Media with the highest level of professionalism of photographers.


  • Work as a full-time videographer, video editor, or any other work related to video creation.

  • Creating a variety of videos in the style already available on Time Out, but in very large quantities.

  • Make Time Out a truly interactive modern website. For example, imagine how Time Out will look like - in the article “Cheap things to do in NYC”, mentally add my video from Or, for example, “Brooklyn Botanic Garden” - instead of a photo done in a modern way, add my short video that shows the beauty of cherry blossom, from the first 10-15 seconds from the video at “”. In half a year, we can make the NY section of a truly modern one - where text information will be intertwined with video (and not only photos). For Example, you can put my short videos in the place of your photos, in the same resolution, with auto start, without sound. On the other hand, all guidebooks, catalogs, tops - the video will begin with a Video Guide The site will become more attractive, easier to read, modern, and interactive.

  • Creator of the short professional documentary video - for the video section on Time Out.

  • Personal affection- let me show the favorite city - New York, as a video supplement to the magazine. I am ready to tell the story of NY, show legendary places, tell about the modern world of NY, show it in all its glory and make Time Out Out an expert on New York.

  • Create a weekly video column about NYC. Or even a daily short news release about cultural news or events in New York.

  • In the video series of short documentary films for the video section and Youtube channel Time Out.

  • Create a shot documentary video from every US city. For example, the list of cities is time out (about 160 cities, 3 years of work), or the main cities of the United States and the main cities of the world. Options - Or according to your concept. Or a story about a city (  imagine that the central park is a separate city + increase the duration of the video).

  • Creating a new style of video - the artistic and documentary history of the video next, and the video itself.  This will give Time Out simply attractive videos, but it can also be a new direction in video art, where the artistic narrative is intertwined with the video alongside.

  • If Time Out wants to develop even more intensively and purposefully in the direction of video interactivity, then I can accomplish the following - the first year of creating the concept (and the first many videos), followed by expansion - hiring additional shooting teams.

  • It is possible to use 8K video format (real time) - this will give brand appeal, and allow you to get brand advertising from the most affluent buyers of 8K TVs, and show your innovativeness as a digital edition.

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