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Documentary film series.

We offer to Broadcast companies, streaming companies, (like Hulu, HBO now, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) creating documentary film series. 

Our aspiration is to tell about the unique places in the United States. We want to show people the remarkable places and let them see the beauty of the U.S the way we see it. This will be interesting for tourists, but, its first place, it will be interesting for Americans: to see the unique places where they may have not been to before. 

We would like to show: 

 - 10-12 series, 20 minutes each, per year 
 - Every episode is a story about a particular city, or wondrous places in nature, astounding, like Ghost Town; unique places, like Alaska’s ice caves, famous places, like canyons, with our extraordinary skill to show it attractively . 
 - From the point of view of the narrative in our film, in the foundation of our film lies an attractive narration which includes in itself an informative side and personal approach to make the viewing look like a fiction film, with our anecdotes and an unusual vision. Film includes interviews with familiar people of this place and coincidental passersby.
 - All this is accompanied with our unique beautiful shooting.

A similar video plot includes many beautiful scenes, for which it would be most suitable to be shown in 8K resolution to show all the beauty of the image in smallest details. Attractive 8K HDR (they can only be compared to the quality of Imax Cinema) informative narrations, journeys into new interesting places, pleasant relaxing viewing, exciting anticipation for the new "trip" - all these will attract the attention of your audience. 

All this, unlike sitcoms, can be made can be made in very short periods of time, wherein the cost of production is not as high. With us, already in 2 months, you can call yourself a first 8K Video Channel.

©2019 Nataliya Denisyuk

Documentary film series

We propose to make extraordinary videos as a weekly column for your Mass Media. This will give your publication an additional side to your attractiveness,  will become the foundation of your YouTube Channel, and will be interesting, like a new genre - story + video.

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