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Professional Video Content for your Magazine’s Website 

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I like making short travel documentary films, which serve as professional video content. I would like to be working with your magazine to create video content for your website. My short films can be viewed here

I offer to make exclusive films, according to your need, OR we can offer to completely fill your website with our video content. For example, we can make 100 exclusive finished films during 1-3 years from different locations within the US. My proposal will allow you to add video content to your magazine’s website and improve your reputation as a travel expert. You can, without creating a video department, study your readers' interest in video content, find new customers, and see about the possibility of selling video ads in your magazine.

At my low prices, you can get professional video content:
- I would be interested in making ultra-short (1-2 minutes each) films, voice-over, 30 exclusive video clips on cities, natural parks in the US at the price, starting 1000 USD per film.
- films at 4-5 minutes each, which includes several stories inside the film, 4K resolution, cities, or natural parks in the US for 4000usd per clip, (possibly worldwide). For example, the clip called "Introduction of Boston"
- I can also make full-time documentaries for you about the place you choose.


My films are exclusive films, and they will be made in your style. The style of films can be a City Guide, "Things To Do", magazine video articles about restaurants, hotels, interesting spots, news and reportage of the events. These high-quality films, with the use of modern formats and creative color processing, would allow you to use my films to represent your magazine for a long time.

In addition. 
- Each of my videos can be the basis for an article in a paper edition. Voice-over serves as the basis for the article, each video has many "photos" with a resolution of 3840x2160 to use as illustrations. We can take photos for the cover (see below 7680x4320)
- I would be pleased to do performance session video clips and interviews, you can see the quality by the example of photos at
- I have extensive archives for quickly creating travel videos, without the need to travel


Nataliya Denisyuk

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